Cal Alumni Club of Washington, D.C.

Meghan Ballard

After participating on the club's softball, soccer, and flag football teams, Meghan hopes to secure many victories in her new role as one of the coaches for flag football. 

Nicole Carlotto

Nicole was the club's volleyball coach and led the team in several victories during CAN sports games and tournaments.

Angela Ben-Zekry

Angela began her in-volvement with the club as an athlete. She quickly assumed the role of EVP and was instrumental to the club's greatest success, by overseeing its outing to the SF Giants v. Nationals base-ball game, where over 100 alumni, family, and friends attended.

Trevor Sparks

A military veteran & for-mer club membership director, Trevor brings a great sense of humor, fun, & spirit, which re-sulted in the club's sing-le largest boost in mem-bership to date. You can catch Trevor soaking up culture & art over a good glass of craft beer.

Amanda Ott

Amanda brings her experience from her time on Capitol Hill as a U.S. Represent-ative's Press Sec-retary. She helped launch the club's communications strategy and is a former officer.

Snehal Kanakia

Snehal spearheaded the club's inter-uni-versity mixers with other D.C. alumni clubs and served as one of its at-large board dir-ectors. He now current-ly resides in NYC.

Anu Joshi 

For the last two years, Anu has helped coordinate events for DC Cal Pride with fellow LGBT alumni.

Julie Strack

Julie coordinated two successful panel sessions (on the federal government and private sector respectively) to a wide audience of alumni as VP.

Suzy Dodge

Suzy served as happy hour co-ordinator in 2013 and helped organize several outings to the capital's hottest venues.

Kevin Leahy

Kevin is a producer for NPR. In Bear Territory, Kevin helped the club by being VP Athletics and a regular student outreach ambassador.

Sarah Belford

Sarah is the club's Director of Com-munity Service and has organized se-veral successful e-vents for alumni who wish to give back to worthy causes/ char-ities in the D.C. me-tro area.

Wil Lei

Wil is a leading professional photo-grapher whose art speaks for itself. He has a keen Berkeley eye for the aesthetic and has lent the club a huge value.

Kathy Molina

Kathy brings her fine dining experience to the club and is head of the Supper Club; for years, Kathy has expanded the mem-bers' appreciation of culinary arts.

Carol Lee

Carol is the club's IT guru and helped establish the club's first online presence.

Peggy Orchowski

Peggy works with Rob to coordinate the Book Salon segment of the club, in which she delves into seminal texts that have defined our age.

Stephanie Chin

A former club offic-er, Stephanie helps the club in areas such as public serv-ice, student out-reach, and profess-ional  development. Stephanie served as club secretary in 2012.

Allison Cheffer

Allison served as the club's secretary in 2013 and currently works for a promi-nent DC law firm. 

Jeff Tang

Jeff was the club's Game Viewing coor-dinator for 2013 and organized several club events around sports. He resides in VA.

Robert Enholm

Bob is executive director at the Wood-row Wilson House. He has generously donated his time to Cal alumni inter-ested in presidential history.

Vicky Brademan

Vicky has contri-buted a significant amount of time and energy to the club, including advocating for the wide distri-bution of the "At Berkeley" documen-tary.

Rick Huang

Rick has coordinated numerous happy hour events and currently works at the National Institute of Health.

Naomi Peña

Naomi leads the speaker series for 2014. She is excited to explore new ideas for speakers.

Christina Markle

Christina served as Director of Com-munity Service and contributed hours of volunteer time in conveying Cal's public service spirit.

Terry Sheehan

In addition to being a dad, Terry coaches the club's flag football team and has coached sev-eral club teams. Prior to being a coach, he served as the club's VP of Athletics for many years.

Kiki Kalstein

Kiki is the club's soccer coach, who has raised hundreds of dollars in support of her fellow Cal Row team mate who is battling cancer. She is a role model to all.

Allard Chu

By day, Allard is an attorney. By Sunday, Allard is the club's popular Brunch Bunch coordinator extraordinaire.

Melissa Schwartz

Melissa coordinated the most well-at-tended speaker se-ries in 2013. Today, she works as an ad-viser & consultant on several high-profile projects.

Rob Tobiassen

Rob works with Peggy on the club's Book Salon, where he brings his expertise in discussing form-idable texts that have shaped public discourse.

Melissa Medina

Melissa single-hand-edly organized the Berkeley in Washing-ton event as Cal Politicos director & Legislative Asst. to U.S. Rep. Edward Royce.

Vikrum Aiyer

Vikrum is a high-level adviser at the U.S. Department of Commerce. He has given back to the club through various means, drawing from his vast experience.

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